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Fools Gold and Other Tales is a 44 page hardcover book, written, photographed and hand-bound by the artist. It assembles the written and the visual, in an attempt to momentarily submerge the viewer in a unique world where mermaids walk, girls turn silver, and birds are oddly domesticated. Sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, each tale follows a single female journey of self-discovery across landscapes both real and imaginary. 

Much like traditional fairy tales, each of the narratives can be interpreted both literally and figuratively; if you prefer the story of a bird living on a girl’s head, or the tale of a sad mermaid, or a girl who turns silver, then you can enjoy each of those narratives exactly as they are. If, however, you wish to probe a little more deeply, you may find that each tale relates to real issues many young women face. Mental illnesses like depression and body dysmorphia, as well as other bodily confidence issues that arise from growing from a child to an adult, are all explored through symbolic imagery and playful narratives.


The following images are a selection of pages from the book.

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